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When I announced the release of my new Western novel, Three for Hire: The Shadow Assassins, the program director, Chad Speakar of 98.5 FM The Boot Radio Station emailed me and asked me to do an interview on the morning show on Wednesday, September 4th. I agreed without hesitation. He asked me to arrive at the station at 7:30 a.m. sharp and we would go on live radio almost immediately. This would be my 4th interview with Chad.

Synopsis of Three for Hire: The Shadow Assassins

DUE TO BE RELEASED IN DECEMBER ,  MY NEW BOOK                                                              THREE FOR HIRE: THE SHADOW ASSASSINS                     


COMING SOON!     Watch for the release date of my new Western Novel later this year entitled, Three for Hire: The Shadow Assassins. It's another historical fiction that this time has it's foundation in the Civil War. However, the plot takes place in late 1879 and early 1880.


I have alsways loved the history of the Old West. with cowboys, Native Americans, cow towns, cattle drives, chuck wagons, gold rushes, saloon brawls, and the like. So I am extremely happy to be able to bring you a piece of the Old West in my new western novel, Three for Hire: Gunslingers on the Santa Fe. It's loaded with everything you're looking for in a western novel, and then some. It's an historical fiction. In this book you will discover factual things about the Old West that you might not have known about, which are worked into the plot as virtual sidebars.

Book signings BY DAN BURLE, SR

One of my most favorite things to do when I'm not ranching is doing book signings. My wife and I do quite a few in Branson, Missouri where we meet people from all around the country. We love to hear their stories and we enjoy sharing ours. We also do several book signings at county fairs and in books stores in our area. Our favorite though is the book signings we do at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo. during the whole month of October.



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