Colt Starting and Training

We offer COLT STARTING at Cedar Spring Ranch Horse and Cattle Co.

Using NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP techniques. The schedule is Monday through Friday for 4 weeks straight, one full hour each day. That’s 20 hours for 20 days. Cost is $800, which includes training, boarding, and hay.

Training months are April through October. Call now to reserve your space.

The training will include the following:

GROUND WORK i.e. Lungeing exercises, easy haltering, leading beside, four backing techniques, yielding hind quarters and forequarters, lateral flexing, sending exercises, desensitizing exercises, head shy exercises,  obstacle course, and more.

IN THE SADDLE i.e. First rides, basic cues, walk, trot, canter, emergency brake, backing, arena exercises, and trail riding experience.


It’s basically understanding horse behavior and horse communications and be able to speak to him in a language he understands. He performs what we want him to do because he wants to. 

Other Horse Training

We also offer "problem fixing training" i.e. Disrespectful, hard to catch, pushy, spooky, lazy etc. Refer to the first paragraph for training schedule and cost.

Easy Trailering

We offer easy trailering lessons; cost $75.

Please refer to our Contact page for contact information.